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RV Softener                          Portable Water Softener

The RV Water Softener

  • Portable RV water softener that is simple to use.      
  • The RV-350 can supply your Recreational Vehicle with fresh & safe soft water no matter where your travels take you.  
  • SAVE Soap
  • SAVE And Protect Expensive RV Appliances
  • SAVE Your Motorhome Plumbing 
  • SAVE Energy On The Road
  • Softens 300 Gallons per cycle
  • Soft water for 7-10 days of use
  • Uses 1 LB Of Table Salt For Regeneration, Not Six LBS Of Rock Salt Like The Competition.
  • Simple to Install - Connects to the Main Supply Line of your RV 
  • Travel storage hose included

  •  RV  Water Treatment
  • Portable Water Softener  

    RV Water Softener

    The RV system installs on the inlet pipe to your RV Softening the water throughout the entire RV. The unit connects to the main line of your RV.





     System Function
     RV Water Softener
     7" dia. X 21" ht.
     Max. Flow Rate (gpm)
     Maximum Removal Capacities
    35 GPG
     Max Pressure
     125 psi
     Micron Filtration
     pH Level
     System Weight
     12 lbs
     Plumbing Size

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